It's A Mural At Andrew Jackson High School!

Mural Project at Andrew Jackson High School

By Princess Rashid, Photographs by Marsha Hatcher

Saturday, Dec 10, 2005 Jacksonville artists, including many JCAAA members, aided students of Andrew Jackson High School in designing and executing a mural in one of the main hallways of the school. The school is located in downtown area withing the Springfield district.

One of the significant factors and driving need behind the work is that this high school does not actually have an art program. This mural project is one of the only art experiences provided to these students this year!

The project was pulled together by city leader, Tony Allegretti. Some of the JCAAA members who are participating in this project are: Marsha Hatcher, Overstreet Ducasse, Annelies Dkygraaf, Princess Rashid and Roosevelt Watson III. In the photo on the left, Princess Rashid can be seen supervising students.

The image of Tony Allegretti meeting with some of the artists. Refreshments were provided and appreciated.

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