"It’s About The Art"

By Dorinda Geans, Photographs by Princess Rashid

When your heart is in it and you love art, what else can you do? You can bring it to the public. There are thousands of art lovers in Jacksonville that never have time to make it to the galleries. So, we solved that problem. Now, you can enjoy a social evening out with friends, listen to a band, and enjoy a chic cuisine, all while viewing the most exquisite artwork in town.

Many JCAAA members participate in the semi-annual Empowerment Art Auction. All have sold artwork on various occasions and have even received requests for commissioned pieces. The Empowerment Art Auction not only brings consumers together with artists, it also works with Your Helping Hand to assist the community.

This Christmas, we assisted Erin Bannister, a Hurricane Katrina victim, attempting to reclaim her life and education in a new city. She’s found employment and has temporary housing with the Sabag family. We will assist her in purchasing new clothes and putting a down payment on a place of her own. We sold three pieces of donated artwork this Christmas from Overstreet Ducasse, Oksana Kravchenko, and Gabriel Ajaya adding $176.25 to the $600 in sponsorship money, all given to assist Erin.

(JCAAA Artist, Marsha Hatcher, enjoying the evening with young art lovers).

Thank you so much for your support.

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