JCAAA Holiday Party and Art exhibit tickets are now available for $25.00 donation. All JCAAA members are asked to sell 6 tickets. Anyone interested in supporting this fund raising event please contact Suzanne,Marsha,or Annelies. If you are a member and do not have your tickets, call Suzanne (904)725-1112. The Holiday Party/Art Show is Friday December 15th 7pm-10pm @ The Karpeles Manuscript Museum. 101 W. 1st St.



Come join us. 5 JCAAA artists are members and exhibiting in this grand event! Come out and support!

The participating JCAAA artists are : Suzanne Pickett, Marsha Hatcher, Princess Rashid, Annelies Dykgraaf, and Solomon Dixon.

Date: December 1, 2006
Location: 31 W. Adams Street
Time: 5-8:30 pm

Refreshments will be served!



Be aware that some scams are going around involving people buying art from websites. Warn the membership. Usually the person will claim to be from another country. They will tell you they want to purchase some art work from photos on the web or ask you to send more photos so they can make a decision. They will email you their choices then tell you that their associate will pick them up and give you a ”S Cashiers” check for the paintings. (This sounds good because as the artist because you will not have to ship or do any of the paperwork involving overseas shipment). The catch comes in the next correspondence. He will tell you that his associate is also interested in buying some of your work and he will go ahead and make the check for an amount that will be more than double the price of your paintings. The “Associate” will probably not find anything he wants and ask you to refund the overpayment. What probably will transpire if you go ahead and do the deal is that in about 15 days you will find out the original check he gave you is counterfeit and you the poor staving artist will be even hungrier because not only have you lost the art work and its income but you will have given the guy back his overpayment. What you did was pay the guy to take the work off your hands.I wrote the guy back and told him the deal sounded fine but that I would have to wait 15 days according to the bank before I could release the merchandise. I haven’t heard back from him.BE AWARE and spread the word!


Artists !!!!
The City has begun occupation of the Edward Ball Building on the corner of Hogan and Adams Streets. To help them with their Open House on December 5th as well as decorate their public areas of the offices, the Department of Public Works has asked me to contact the artists that I know to see if anyone is interested in displaying their works in the offices. Other City offices will be filling in the building over the next year and a half, so the public traffic will grow rapidly.
The arrangement details would be made through the Public Works Department. You would be able to display some of your work for x number of months and have your contact information available should anyone be interested in purchasing.
If you are interested in consideration, you need to reply to me with your name, contact information and either attached pictures of your work or a website showing your work. From there, I will forward the information to the Public Works Department and they will contact you.
If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

Circe LeNoble
Downtown Promotions Assistant
Downtown Vision, Inc.
214 N. Hogan Street, Ste. 201
904.634.0303 ext. 230



Faith Ringgold shown here with Carol Alexander from The Ritz. Artist Faith Ringgold talked about her connection to Jacksonville, 50 years of her very unique art and read from several of her books (written and Illustrated by Faith) which she also signed if you were fortunate to get one. You can see most of Mrs. Ringgold's work on her web site.


photo by MHAT


Keith Doles, metal and wood sculpture“I create with a childlike, energetic spirit. I use geometric shapes and organic forms and merge them into work that feeds the mind with wonder, reflection and question.”
Doles is a Jacksonville, Florida native and a graduate of the University of North Florida. His range of work includes graphic design, painting and wood sculpture. He has taken an economical and environmental approach to creating art by using discarded wood and metal to produce abstract sculptures of the human form. It forces him to better understand the principles of design including balance, unity, value, color and texture.
Doles has exhibited in art galleries in St. Augustine, Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida and Jacksonville. His work can be found in private collections and public institutions. www.keithdoles.com



FAITH RINGGOLD : MORE THAN 40 YEARS Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 6:00 pm — 9:00 pm. You’re invited to meet the artist! Join Faith Ringgold for a captivating presentation surveying her career from the 1960s to the present. Ringgold will share unique stories and imagery capturing politics, civil rights, humor, jazz and her southern roots.



Good women artists: attached is application for a special juried show that >the Art and Soul program of the Women's Center of Jacksonville is >presenting in partnership with Fogle Fine Arts. If you are over 50 years >old, we invite you to participate. Sorry you younger ladies, but be sure >and come to the event and enjoy the work of the 5 artists chosen. The >application is also available on-line at womenscenterofjax.org.



The Gallery is "OPEN"

Three ladies with talent!

Princess Rashid, Jellena Gallon, and Liz Burns show their support for artists displaying their work at Open Gallery this month. Princess and Annelies work will be on display for the month of November.


It was a packed house at The OPEN Gallery. Annelies Dykgraaf works on a woodcut as she display her art work and a little of her African heritage.


By Angela WilliamsFirst Coast News JAX, FL -

Life, entertainment, and a bit of color. This is part of downtown's changing face, and now local artists have a chance to put a colorful touch on it.Downtown will only be as great as the people in it and if we don’t build this thing here, we are actually hurting the vision of the city,” says Princess Rashid. Princess is one of several local artists working with Downtown Vision to showcase art in vacant buildings. It also gives her paintings a steady home. “Instead of hustling and slinging my work all over the place and having it up for only one night and then having to take it somewhere else the next day, I have a place it can stay a month,” says Rashid.

Downtown businesses also like what they see. Juan Gonzalez owns Hemming Plaza Jewelry. He's renting the empty building next to him so artists can use it as a gallery during the city's next art walk.“It’s helping the artists to expose their work and it’s helping the landlord because he wants to lease it and have people see what a great venue it is,” says Gonzalez. With several residential lofts already underway, the city says they see this new project as another way to promote life downtown as well as the people who help keep it alive. “We’re in Jacksonville and Jacksonville’s our city and that’s where we have to make our name,” says Rashid.

If you would like more information about this growing art scene, contact Downtown Vision at (904)-634-0303. To find out about gallery space through the Artists Cooperative Center, contact Princess Rashid at (904)-745-0956.



JCAAA has been asked to exhibit at FCCJ North Campus in Jan/Feb 2007. All artists (including performing) that are interested please contact Marsha Hatcher at
msehat2@comcast.net or call 655-7239



Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission- Call To Artists-Deadline 11/20/06


The Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission is now accepting applications from North Florida / South Georgia artists who are interested in working and displaying at the Jacksonville International Airport during the month of December.

Artists will create their artwork in a designated “Art Zone” at the JIA terminal. Artists will also be able to sell their artwork to holiday passengers.

Artists must commit to being at the airport for at least two 3 hours shifts. Times will preferably be during the day, but can be discussed. A stipend will be given for travel and food.

There are numerous benefits of this program:
Name exposure to over 16,000 passengers a day.
Opportunity to sell artwork.
Opportunity to create and participate in art dialogues.
Showcasing Jacksonville as a city where culture and the arts are vibrant and alive!

Please submit your resume, up to 10 digital images of work, and a letter of interest to Faith Jordan by November 20th. Images must represent the work you would undertake while at the airport. CDs will not be returned.

Any questions can be directed to Faith Jordan at the below contact information.

Faith Jordan
Program Coordinator
Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission
Mailing Address: PO Box 18018
Jacksonville, Fl. 32229
Fed Ex/UPS Address: 14201 Pecan Park Road
Jacksonville, Fl. 32218

Two JCAAA Artists Exhibit @ The Open Gallery -11/9/06

Two JCAAA Artists: Annelies Dykgraaf & Princess Rashid, among others will exhibit. Opening night, artists will also work on unfinished pieces during the show! Mark your calendar!

This event will be catered by Chai House Tea Company & PRP Wines. Make sure you RSVP.

Address: 1838 Dewey Place, Jacksonville (San Marco), FL 32207.

RSVP with Jennifer Price at 502-9385.

Hope to see you there!!!