Rhonda Bristol is a painter working in clay ... who is equally concerned with texture, shape and form. This artist imbues her pieces with ancestral harmonies, lingering memories and contextual history. She is fascinated with form and loves telling parts of stories ... showing snatches of shared past times in powerful dreamtime segments. These works encapsulate a third worldiness often with an encoded message. One might wonder who is the one with the mask and why we have lost our ability to read the silence. Rhonda C. Bristol - Art Teacher ***Welcome to JCAAA Rhonda!***
To see more of Rhonda's art, visit her blog site at www.bristolart.blogspot.com

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Princess Rashid said...

Welcome Rhonda!

You will be an asset to the JCAAA team! We are honored to have such a talented new member! I like your personal blog too! Good job!!