Be aware that some scams are going around involving people buying art from websites. Warn the membership. Usually the person will claim to be from another country. They will tell you they want to purchase some art work from photos on the web or ask you to send more photos so they can make a decision. They will email you their choices then tell you that their associate will pick them up and give you a ”S Cashiers” check for the paintings. (This sounds good because as the artist because you will not have to ship or do any of the paperwork involving overseas shipment). The catch comes in the next correspondence. He will tell you that his associate is also interested in buying some of your work and he will go ahead and make the check for an amount that will be more than double the price of your paintings. The “Associate” will probably not find anything he wants and ask you to refund the overpayment. What probably will transpire if you go ahead and do the deal is that in about 15 days you will find out the original check he gave you is counterfeit and you the poor staving artist will be even hungrier because not only have you lost the art work and its income but you will have given the guy back his overpayment. What you did was pay the guy to take the work off your hands.I wrote the guy back and told him the deal sounded fine but that I would have to wait 15 days according to the bank before I could release the merchandise. I haven’t heard back from him.BE AWARE and spread the word!

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