TOE Artists

I got there a little before 5:30pm. The food was waiting and so was the people. The doors to the gallery was not yet open. We had to wait until the curator "L. Stewart" said it was OK to enter. 1st impression. "Wow" very nice. All artists there to represent their work. "Good job guys".
Most artists captured the theme "A Legacy Illuminated" in the traditional form of self expression while the others left the viewers wondering and waiting for an explanation. As you know, most artists love to "break it down" for you. This show is worth the time and effort you take to see it. It will enlighten you. It will intrigue you. It might even confuse you. One thing it want do is bore you.
The THROUGH OUR EYES exhibit will be on display through September 29th. Stop by to see it for yourself. More pictures of the show coming soon.

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