Call for artist

Febuary SHOW: 2/21/2008

(The Lovers Tale)
The Gallery at Metro will have a show in February dedicated to the season of love!
The theme is (The Lovers Tale).

This is a non fee Juried call.
We are looking for submissions that are no bigger then 30x40. The submission deadline is February 3, 2008 and notices of acceptance will be sent out on February 8, 2008.

Any medium is accepted.

All art will be exhibited at The Gallery of Metro. You may submit up to 3 submissions to the curator before the deadline.

Please submit all work to:
Curator: Brad Biggs at: bbiggs241@aol.com
Or assistant Curator: Alex Taylor at: colorfulshoes@gmail.com
Or call Brad Biggs at: 407-247-4552

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