SUZANNE PICKETT at The White House

Suzanne Pickett designed and painted an ornament to represent the Timucuan> > Preserve and Kingsley Plantation. She also attended the special artists’> > reception at the White House. The ornament features portraits of the> > buildings, crops, and the enslaved people who labored at the plantation.> > Her inspiration came from historical photographs and the natural> > environment. Suzanne Pickett, a Florida native, owns her own art firm.> > People and nature are her inspiration, and she carries that into her own> > unique art style. Ms. Pickett is president of the Jacksonville Consortium of African American Artists, whose goal is to foster an environment that> > encourages African American arts and artists to flourish and succeed in > > the> > business of art. She has also worked on several projects with the > > Preserve. "Good job Suzanne"

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