African American Artists respond to current events. Several of "Ja-kah's " visual artists and others take part in the annual Through Our Eyes art exhibit. The theme for this year is "What's Goin' On." With a theme like that, it gives every artist the opportunity to "r e a l l y express" themselves through their art. Many of these artists rarely use art to make a political statement. This show visualize abortion, murder, hair, the school system as well as the injustice of our laws. This exhibit is not intended to offend anyone. Please come with an open mind and view the world "Through Our Eyes." JCAAA members in this exhibit are Marsha Hatcher, Suzanne Pickett, Keith Doles, Annelies Dygraaf, Rhonda Bristol, Lawrence Walden, Roosevelt Watson, Traci Mims-Jones, Overstreet Ducasse, Gil Mayers, Daniel Wynn , Yuwasami,and exhibit curator Lydia Stewart. Pick up a copy of ARBUS magazine (May/June) issue for Lydia's commentary. Page 80.

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